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Property Matters

conveyancing Glassbrooks solicitors is accredited with The Law Society’s own Conveyancing  Quality Standard, a sign you are dealing with experienced and professional lawyers. We provide legal services for both residential and commercial premises. If you have a question about  any conveyancing matter, please get in touch. find out more

Injury and Medical claims

personal-injury Our specialist team is made up of highly skilled lawyers dedicated to providing you with the very best level of service in a friendly manner, often at no cost to you. Choosing Glassbrooks could be the difference between winning or losing your claim. If you need some advice please give us a call, we’d be happy to see how we can help. find out more

Will and Inheritance Disputes

drugs If someone dies but doesn’t leave “reasonable provision” for a family member or someone depending on him (or her), it is possible to challenge the will (or the intestacy provisions if there is no will). Will disputes can arise in a wide range of circumstances, such as when a solicitor didn’t finish the will before the client died.

Solicitor negligence

solicitor We have a wealth of experience in representing clients with claims arising from different types of solicitors negligence. If you believe you have lost out due to any professional failing by your legal representative you should contact us whether it is from a property transaction, injury claim, will, or civil litigation. Find out more

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