Property Matters


Whether you are buying or selling property we offer a top quality legal service at a very fair price.

We provide specialist legal advice on all matters relating to residential or commercial premises, mortgages and re-mortgages, tenancy agreements, purchase and sales and transferring property from one person to another.

We work quickly and efficiently to ensure you are getting the most from your property dealings. We can also advise on conveyancing professional negligence if you have been poorly represented by another solicitor or professional such as an architect.

Here are some examples of conveyancing cases we have dealt with.

Commercial Leases

We provide advice to both tenants and landlords when it comes to leases of commercial property.

Very often you will have agreed the main terms of a lease but need a solicitor to agree the fine detail specific to your requirements and draw up the lease document.

Landlord & Tenant disputes

We can help whether it is a commercial or residential premises and can be relied upon to look after property legal matters regarding tenants including eviction and chasing rent payments.

Commonly issues crop up with tenants who are a problem and will not leave rented or leased premises despite falling behind in paying the rent. When instructed by a landlord in such circumstances and after having obtained the appropriate court order we often will attend with bailiffs or other enforcement officers to evict the tenant.

Building Disputes

Have you had building work carried out and the standard of work is not what it should be?

Is a builder chasing you for payment but they have not done what you were told would be done?

Is the building work incomplete or greatly behind schedule and having an impact on running your business or your life?

Unfortunately these disputes are on the increase we know that they are really stressful but here at Glassbrooks we have the experience to help you sort out the mess.

Here is an example of a building dispute case we have dealt with.