Solicitor Negligence Claims

Have you been let down by a solicitor and don’t know what to do?

Glassbrooks has advised on claims for the way other solicitors have handled:

  • Conveyancing. Including not buying the correct property, failure to send important documents to a client, and not advising a client about joint ownership of property.
  • Personal injury. One firm took on a clients claim, did nothing for nearly 3 years just closed the file again. Another firm missed the time limit for starting a claim. A recent case involved a client who wanted to accept an offer and was told (wrongly) that he could not.
  • Disputing a will. Family members were advised to fight a claim for a year and then told to give in, even though the only change was the amount of fees the family had paid out!

Other common claims include:

  • Conveyancing and property. Not registering property, not telling clients about legal problems with property and missing time limits.
  • Injury and medical claims. Settling the claim for less than it’s worth, settling before the client has recovered without advising on the risks of doing that, not asking about all symptoms suffered and so not getting enough medical evidence (such as when someone with whiplash gets tinnitus), not setting up a personal injury trust to protect benefit entitlement.
  • Court cases, settling without taking a clients instructions, and missing court deadlines, missing the time limit to issue a claim (the limitation period)
  • Wills. Not completing a will promptly, leaving gifts to the wrong people

If this has happened to you, you may be entitled to compensation. Please feel free to have a chat with us about how we can help.

Here are some examples of some solicitor negligence cases we have dealt with.