Small Claims


The small claims track is the typical route through the courts that most low value (those which have a value of less than £10,000) cases take. It covers a wide range of disputes including claims on a debt, building disputes and consumer disputes to name just a few. The small claims track generally does not allow the successful party to recover their costs from the other side which means that people are reluctant to run up a large bill with their solicitors which could leave them with very little left over in damages or potentially even out of pocket. This has the effect of people either going it alone and potentially making mistakes which damage their claim or just not pursuing a claim at all, even if they have a claim they are likely to win. We see this as an issue so we have tailored a staged package for clients who want to bring a small claim, want or need the assistance of a solicitor and require certainty about fees and what they can expect for their money.

Our typical costs (plus VAT and disbursements) are set out below. Fees may be greater for more complex cases.

Stage 1

This includes:

  • Opening a client file
  • Taking initial instructions from you
  • Reviewing the evidence relating to the claim
  • Sending a formal letter of claim
  • Advising on letter of response from the Defendant

Cost: £250

Stage 2

If it is not possible to settle your claim with the Defendant it will be necessary to issue the claim at court if you want to pursue the claim.

  • Drafting the Claim Form and Particulars of Claim
  • Sending the paperwork to the court
  • Considering any Defence to the claim.
  • Cost: £250

Stage 3

Some cases settle after stage 2 but those that don’t are likely to proceed to a full hearing. This requires the preparation of witness statements and lodging of the key evidential documents.

  • Drafting witness statements
  • Collating and lodging the necessary evidence
  • Considering any witness statements from the defendant

Cost: £250

Stage 4

It may be that the case proceeds to a hearing in front of a judge because the parties cannot agree to settle the matter. This can be a daunting prospect for people unfamiliar with the court process and court rules. Attend court and present your case

Cost: £500

It may be that your case is suitable for an alternative type of funding if it is over £5,000 in value. We are happy to consider taking on cases of this value or over under a damages based agreement where we take a percentage of damages at the successful conclusion of the case, typically 25% plus VAT. Fees may be accepted at conclusion of the case