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Lasting Powers of Attorney:

Our fee for drafting a Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney is £250.00 + VAT.

Our fee for drafting a Property & Financial affairs Lasting Power of Attorney is £250.00 + VAT.

If you decide to have both Lasting Powers of Attorney drafted at the same time and with the same attorneys then a discount can be applied making the total fee £400.00 + VAT.

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) charge a fee for the Lasting Power of Attorney to be registered. Currently the fee is £82.00 per Lasting Power of Attorney being registered. The registration fee is charged in addition to our fees.

Dependent upon the financial status of the Donor (the person making the lasting Power of Attorney) it is possible to apply for fee exemption in respect of the registration fee. Details of how a person qualifies for the fee exemption can be found in the link below.


We offer a service to provide simple Wills. Where a Will involves advising on a Trust or Trusts or specific taxation matters we would refer you to an alternative solicitors practice because this is outside our area of expertise.

Our fees for Wills are:

Single Will (i.e. the will of one person) – £150.00 + vat

Mirror Will (i.e. where two people leave each to the other) – £225.00 + vat


The typical work involved includes valuing the estate’s assets and debts, preparing an inheritance tax form, drafting an oath, applying for a Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration, discharging any debts and then distributing the estate in accordance with the Will or the intestacy provisions (whichever is applicable). Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax advice or calculations are not included within our probate service as this is generally a matter for accountants.

Probate work is usually carried out at the hourly rate of £161.00 + VAT per hour with standard letters out and telephone calls being charged at £16.10 + VAT each. Unlike many solicitors practices we do not take a percentage of the estate, we merely charge for the work we have carried out.

Basic costs very much depends on the work involved, size of the estate and number of parties involved. Where premises need to be sold, pensions and bank account need to be dealt with it would not be uncommon for probate fees to amount to £3,500.00 – £5,000.00 + VAT and disbursements. Any conveyancing costs in respect of property belonging to the estate will be charged in addition to the probate fees.

In certain circumstances where the estate concerned is small and straightforward we will be prepared to offer a fixed fee. You should contact Glassbrooks to discuss this further.


Disbursements are the financial outlays you have in addition to the solicitors fee when a probate matter is dealt with, these fees will be the same whether you deal with probate yourself or instruct a solicitor.

Below is a guide to what you might expect to pay by way of disbursements. This is merely a guide and you should be aware that other disbursements can be incurred:

Probate Fees £180 approx
Oath Fees £15.00 approx
HMLR fees £15.00 approx
Trustee Act Notice £200.00 approx
Inheritance Tax: Variable – subject to calculation
Indemnity Policies: Variable – subject to the type of policy and obtaining a quote

Residential Conveyancing

The fees set out below are a guide to the costs we apply to residential conveyancing. Our fees include all the legal work required to purchase your new property. We do not charge any extra fees for other services such as money laundering checks, completing the stamp duty returns and liaising with mortgage companies. Where a situation arises and a sale falls through or a purchase does not go ahead we will charge a fee appropriate to the work that has been carried out on the matter but not exceeding the quote provided.

All the below quotes are subject to vat at the prevailing rate currently 20%

Value of property Sale Purchase
Below £100k £425 + vat for a house
£450 + vat for a flat
£475 + vat for a house
£525 + vat for a flat or new build
Below £200k £475 + vat for a house
£525 + vat for a flat
£525 + vat for a house
£575 + vat for a flat or new build
Below £300k £525 + vat for a house
£575 + vat for a flat
£575 + vat for a house
£625 + vat for a flat or new build
Below £400k £575 + vat for a house
£625 + vat for a flat
£625 + vat for a house
£675 + vat for a flat or new build
Below £500k £625 + vat for a house
£675 + vat for a flat
£675+ vat for a house
£700 + vat for a flat or new build
Below £600k £675 + vat for a house
£725 + vat for a flat
£725 + vat for a house
£775 + vat for a flat or new build

Guide to Disbursements

Estate agents fee This is something you will have negotiated when first placing your property on the market.
Office copies Inc. VAT (from Land Registry) £7.20 (£3.60 x 2)
Bank charge Inc. VAT £18.00 (incurred when paying off each loan or mortgage)
Local, Drainage and Environmental Search inc VAT £159.80
Bankruptcy search inc VAT £2.40 per name
Land Registry search inc VAT £3.60
Bank charge inc VAT £18 (charged by the bank for sending funds to the vendor)
Registration Fee
(Land Registry)
These fees are on a sliding scale – see link below

In addition there are also other searches you can have when purchasing a property, these are optional searches for example;

Plan Search inc VAT £28.80
Energy and Infrastructure search inc VAT
(location of fracking, windfarms, impact of H2 rail etc.)
Flood Search inc VAT £24

Above £600k quotes will be provided on a bespoke basis either by letter or email.

We will accept instructions on re-mortgages the cost of such a transaction is the same as set out above in the sale section less £150 (e.g. re-mortgage on a property valued at below £300k will be £325 + vat).

We do not accept instructions in respect of Equity Release matters.

Important note: Not all solicitors practices are on all lenders panels. If you are buying a property and we are on the lenders panel then the above quotes will apply. If we are not on the lenders panel additional fees may be applicable or in some cases we will be unable to represent you.

Small Claims

Our typical costs (plus VAT and disbursements) are set out below. Fees may be greater for more complex cases.

Stage 1

This includes:

  • Opening a client file
  • Taking initial instructions from you
  • Reviewing the evidence relating to the claim
  • Sending a formal letter of claim
  • Advising on a letter of response from the Defendant

Cost: £250

Stage 2

If it is not possible to settle your claim with the Defendant it will be necessary to issue the claim at court if you want to pursue the claim.

  • Drafting the Claim Form and Particulars of Claim
  • Sending the paperwork to the court
  • Considering any Defence to the claim.

Cost: £250

Stage 3

Some cases settle after stage 2 but those that don’t are likely to proceed to a full hearing. This requires the preparation of witness statements and lodging of the key evidential documents.

  • Drafting witness statements
  • Collating and lodging the necessary evidence
  • Considering any witness statements from the defendant

Cost: £250

Stage 4

It may be that the case proceeds to a hearing in front of a judge because the parties cannot agree to settle the matter. This can be a daunting prospect for people unfamiliar with the court process and court rules. Stage 4 is attending court and presenting your case.

Cost: £500

It may be that your case is suitable for an alternative type of funding if it is over £5,000 in value. We are happy to consider taking on cases of this value or over under a damages based agreement where we take a percentage of damages at the successful conclusion of the case, typically 25% plus VAT. Fees may be accepted at conclusion of the case.


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